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Die Leipziger Gothic Metaller Canterra sind die knallzarte Symbiose von Metal, Gothic und Rock. Canterra begeistern vor allem live mit eingängigen Melodieperlen und mitreißendem Gitarrensound.
Ihre Stilvielfalt führt dazu, dass keiner ihrer Songs dem anderen gleicht. Denn frei nach dem Motto: “Nur wer sich ändert, bleibt sich treu”, entsteht gerade auch wegen dieser Abwechslung der sehr eingängige und typische Canterra Sound.

The German gothic-metal band Canterra juxtapose hard and soft musical elements in a unique symbiosis of metal, gothic and rock. They exhilarate live audiences with a sweeping wall of guitar sounds and catchy melodies performed by a stunning female voice. Canterra also demonstrate that gothic-metal works without the usual obligatory keyboard samples. The omission of this orchestral element results in a natural, honest rock sound which is often missing in the genre. However, the band still manages to merge many styles of metal and rock into something special, the uniqueness of the individual songs a testament to this fact. No one song sounds like another.
In 2010, the band released their first demo EP, “Echoes of Fear” under their previous name, Avatar. In the following year, 2011, the band found their present name and played many gigs, including an explosive live set at the famous “Wave Gothic Treffen” in Leipzig. A video release to the song “Last Saviour” was a highlight of the band’s hard work and creativity in 2011.
At the current time, the band is working on recordings for their debut full-length album.


Canterra – Last Saviour


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